Mantiq at-Tayr, Sufist poem from middle-age Iran, brings profane to illumination. Talab (search) is the first step of this journey, another spiritual step of the mystical pilgrim
Hassan K.

With his 13 tracks, Hassan K shows his Iranian roots, like on his last LP, 30 Birds. Talab is very rich and brings you to weird electro, surf music and even heavy metal. The release also shows quiet compositions and cinematographic pictures.Hassan K has lots of influences but he stays always coherent and has a very personal sound signature.

The album is in free download in mp3 format, and available for sale in digipack CD format at 8€. If you’re interested in buying Talab CD album, send an email at:
contact [at] darlingdada [dot] com

All tracks written and produced by Keyvane Alinaghi
Track n°4 based on Erik Satie’s grooves

Acoustic and virtual instruments programming: Keyvane Alinaghi
Circuit Bending: Valkiri
Mastering: Yoann Lubiato []
Design and Artwork: Marie Fromont []

Thanks to the Alinaghi dynasty, my rainbow princess, my Hashashin band comrades and all my franjj riot.