Isteghna LP 12″ (October Tone, Cheap Satanism Recs, Extra Normal Recs – 2021)

All tracks written and produced by Keyvane Alinaghi
Acoustic, virtual instruments, programming: Keyvane Alinaghi
♥ Artwork: Norma Tattoo
♥ Mastering: Nîm
♥ Cheap Satanism Records
♥ Extra Normal Records
♥ October Tone

In the initiatory spiritual missions specific to Iranian Shi’ism (Walâyat), to ancient and medieval Persian myths (The Conference of the Birds), Isteghna is the stage of detachment, of the introspection necessary to the understanding of the similar, of the sensitive, but more particularly of the occulted imaginary.

Written in 2020 in a climate of collapse known to all, this chivalrous album is once again born of a traditionalist desire to put a little love and orientalism in a world that has become a mirage.

Our solitude within the world is not a fate without exit, but an essential « dualitude ».
Henry Corbin, writing on Man and his Angel.

Imaginary world, waking nightmare, sensitive ecstasy, scholastic humor, Isteghna proposes a psychedelic adventure in the occult of the deep Self, in search of the being of Light.

Bakhtak LP 12″ (Attila Tralal, Besides Records, Darling Dada, Tandori Records, October Tone – 2018)

En perse, Bakhtak est le démon de la paralysie du sommeil. Ce 5e album d’Hassan K. est la bande son d’un cauchemar éveillé, d’une épopée hallucinée en forme de voyage initiatique, empruntant aux légendes persanes, aux rituels mystiques. LP inclassable, il oscille entre musique folklorique iranienne, surf, metal, noise, electronique, …
All tracks written and produced by Keyvane Alinaghi
Acoustic, virtual instruments, programming: Keyvane Alinaghi
♥ Artwork: Norma Tattoo
♥ Mastering: Nîm
♥ Attila Tralala
♥ Besides Records
♥ Darlingdada
♥ October Tone
♥ Tandori Records

Hykayat: l’exil accidentel LP 12″ (Darling Dada, Tandori Records, Etienne Disqs – 2016)

« The look of which I know is the look he knows me ». This sentence is taken from Western Exile, thoughts and mystical story of the Persian philosopher Suhrawardi. It sums up the album:
– Hykayat in Iran, is a mystical story.
– Western exile is a journey to the celestial pole, to immaterial palaces.

This album is a tribute to the Persian thinkers and scientists of medieval Islam. It invites the listener to travel throughout eastern lights, axioms of creative imagination that influenced alchemists, mathematicians, astronomers and western philosophers. It was designed to stimulate your light guides to accompany your souls to the house of the fields. It passes through time and space through hybridization of genres, rhythms and tones (metal, swing, electro, rock, philharmonic…).

♥ Artwork: Norma Tattoo
♥ Mastering: Nîm
♥ Darling Dada
♥ Tandori records
♥ Etienne Disqs

Talab (Darling Dada, 2014)

Mantiq at-Tayr, Sufist poem from middle-age Iran, brings profane to illumination.
Talab (search) is the first step of this journey, another spiritual step of the mystical pilgrim Hassan K.
With his 13 tracks, Hassan K shows his Iranian roots, like on his last LP, 30 Birds. Talab is very rich and brings you to weird electro, surf music and even heavy metal. The release also shows quiet compositions and cinematographic pictures.
Hassan K has lots of influences but he stays always coherent and has a very personal sound signature.

All tracks written and produced by Keyvane Alinaghi
Track n°5 based on Erik Satie’s grooves

Acoustic and virtual instruments programming: Keyvane Alinaghi
♥ Circuit Bending: Valkiri
♥ Mastering: Yoann Lubiato []
♥ Design and Artwork: Marie Fromont []

Thanks to the Alinaghi dynasty, my rainbow princess, my Hashashin band comrades and all my franjj riot.

The Decadance of Ispahan (Artkan, 2009)

Chevalerie sonore, initiation et dance spirituelle, …

30 BIRDS (DarlingDada, 2012)

30 oiseaux. Cela représente l’envergure du Simurgh, aigle fabuleux de la mythologie Perse. Cette créature symbolique signe le début de l’épopée des grands héros et guerriers de l’Iran ancien. Oscillant entre surf rock, musique électronique et traditionnelle, ce second album déchiffre et réinterprète l’histoire… avec un brin de folie et d’absurdité.
Artwork par Marie From. Mastering par Studio Mezzanine.

30 birds. This represents the size of the Simurgh, fabulous eagle from the Persian mythology. This symbolic creature sign of the beginning of the epic heroes stories of Persia. Oscillating between surf rock, electronic and traditional music, this second album decrypts and reinterprets the history… with a touch of madness and absurdity.
Artwork by Marie From. Mastered by Studio Mezzanine.

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