ISTEGHNA ♦ New album from Hassan K.

Hassan K. ‘s new full-length album is finally available on digital files and vinyl! Imaginary world, waking nightmare, sensitive ecstasy, scholastic humor, Isteghna proposes a psychedelic adventure in the occult of the deep Self, in search of the being of Light.

12 crazy tracks available on Cheap Satanism Records (BE), Extra Normal Records (UK), October Tone (France, and rest of the world).

Alloc Action!

Pendant le confinement, on s’est amusé avec Léa Bozier à créer un mini jeu incroyablement long et insatisfaisant sur la quête du revenu de solidarité active.

Lien vers Alloc’ Action!

Dans Alloc’Action! (à prononcer « Aloque Akchieune! ») vous incarnez un homme sur la paille qui, pour mener une vie honorable, doit constituer un dossier COF (Caisse des Oboles Familiales) pour compléter sa maigre trésorerie. Mais attention aux tentations, aux horaires d’ouvertures, aux heures de pointe, aux dossiers perdus … une série d’évènements ne vous facilitera pas la tâche et atténuera votre motivation.

Une pensée pour nos étudiants et dédicace à Yann Gaudin.

Euronoize LP


Last May 2019, EuroNoize invited bands from across Europe to perform at an alternative music showcase modelled on the Eurovision Song Context. To celebrate that event, all the bands recorded a track for this brand new vinyl compilation avalaible here.


EuroNoize icon text

23 / 24 may 2019 | Performance & Workshop @ La Scala (London)
EuroNoize is a project researching the relationship between art and DiY music scenes in Europe across several platforms, structured around an alternative music showcase modelled on the Eurovision Song Contest, in which musicians will be invited to consider the interplay of local and global identities in representing their country with a specially commissioned song and video. The project is curated by Pil and Galia Kollectiv and is a collaboration between the University of Reading, Kunsthall Oslo and ARE Prague.

Workshop Mapping DSAA Chaumont


Dans le cadre d’une collaboration entre la Ville, le Lycée Charles De Gaulle et Le Signe, l’artiste Keyvane Alinaghi travaillera en avril avec deux classes du Diplôme Supérieur d’Arts Appliqués du Lycée Charles de Gaulle. Le résultat de ces travaux donnera lieu à un Mapping sur la façade de l’Hôtel de Ville qui sera présenté pendant la Semaine de la Biennale du Design Graphique, le samedi 25 mai 2019.

Crossed eyed mutant riot

A very simple game in which you have to destroy a city with your eyes !
For Crossed eyed mutant riot, the technology is based on eye tracking, a tool for analyzing user behavior. On a web page, this tracking helps an algorithm to understand which media, which words the user is mainly targeting. The objective is to make future web pages more comfortable in their design, but especially to adapt advertising for each user. The idea of Crossed eyed mutant riot is to blur this process, by inviting the player to browse with his eyes, the whole matrix of pixels of a screen through laser beams that explode everything in their path …

Emotional Jukebox

Emotional Jukebox was born out of the observation of a music-loving boomer: users mostly consume streamed music classified into playlists based on keywords or emotions (music for work, meditative music, music for moods, …). This usage is gradually erasing independent music in favor of sponsored artists that flood the channels. The idea of this project is to take this method of listening and classification and apply it to the extreme. The user’s emotions captured by the webcam will help an algorithm to compose a playlist in tune with the mood felt.

Arte Tracks Rootronica


Hassan K, Kiki Hitomi, Loya : alors que le genre a longtemps pointé son regard vers le futur, une nouvelle génération de musiciens cherche dans sa propre histoire de quoi se projeter vers l’avenir.

Reportage Arte Tracks 12 min.